and thanks for checking out my site. You will find a wide variety of landscape and nature photographs by browsing the gallery menus. It can be challenging to express, through photos, the wonderful and amazing images we see with our eyes . This is indeed difficult because the miraculous nature of sight includes depth, detail, color and nuances that are very difficult to replicate in a two dimensional photograph. I work to achieve an artistic representation that gives me the same feeling as viewing the image in real life. Each photo has a story, I sincerely hope that you can connect with some of these stories or that an image or two may bring to mind a memory of your own.

The prints can be enlarged, printed on fine art paper or canvas. Contact me by email at if you have any questions or would like a quote for a custom print. All prints are limited editions of 5, worldwide.

Note: Prices include shipping.

Thanks again for stopping by,

Robert Manser


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